Importance of Changing Water Filters

Water filtration systems come in many shapes and sizes. But no matter what type of filtration device you have, there is a good chance that it uses a filter media that will need to be replaced on a regular basis. Staying on top of changing your filters can make a big difference in your gardening experience.

In most mechanical systems, the flow rate will be dramatically reduced once the filter becomes full of debris. This makes it easy to recognize when your filter media needs to be replaced. Testing the content of your water (EC) will also make it easy to tell when you need to replace your carbon filters, sediment filters, and RO membranes.

Most filters have a specific number of gallons clean before the media needs to be replaced, or an estimated amount of months for a home style unit. Replacing cartridges regularly will keep all water at the safest levels possible for all use.

Filter cartridges are not necessarily universal. While some filters/cartridges appear to be a fit, they may allow water to go around the filter instead of through it. This would be less than ideal.

In addition, some filter cartridges may not be of the same quality as the manufacturer’s suggested replacement. This could result in the water not being filtered effectively or the possible introduction of impurities into the water from materials that were never meant to be there.

To ensure your water treatment system is performing effectively, use the proper replacement cartridge and change your filter at the recommended interval.

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