Top 5 Essential Gardening Tips and Tricks

  1. Just Start! Put some seeds in the back yard, or start a container garden on the back porch. Getting started can be the biggest headache for many gardeners, and starting small and working your way up is a great way to get acquainted with gardening.
  2. Grow plants that interest you! Enjoying your time in the garden is the most important part of what you are doing. If spending lots of time doing maintenance is not what you are interested in, choose plants that reflect that.   
  3. Make sure you have a location that is suitable for growing your chosen plants. Having sufficient sunlight is crucial when deciding on where to place your garden.
  4. Plant invasive plants in pots underground, making it easy to contain their roots and contain spreading. A beautiful garden can easily be overrun with plants that you didn’t know would spread!
  5. Start paying attention to the weather! Getting a rain gauge, garden thermometer, and paying attention to the local weather will make your life much easier when trying to determine your plant’s needs.


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